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Dear Colleagues

It is an honor and privilege for me to invite you for the XIII International Symposium on Temperature and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science, TEMPMEKO 2016 to Zakopane in Poland, on June 26 – July 1, 2016. The Symposium is a scientific event held every three years under the auspices of the TC12 IMEKO – International Measurement Confederation. Thanks to the efforts of a long-term Leader, Francesco Righini, International Program Committee members and contribution of a constantly growing number of participants presenting high quality scientific papers, the Symposium has developed into one of the prestigious conferences in a field of the temperature metrology.

The Symposium TEMPMEKO 2016 is organized by the Wł.Trzebiatowski Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (INTiBS) – Designated Institute in Poland. Several national institutions – Ministry of Sciences and High Education, Ministry of Economy, Central Office of Measures, Committee of Metrology and Scientific Apparatus of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Centre for Accreditation and POLSPAR – patronize and support our event. The National Organizing Committee cooperates with CCT and RMO technical committees of thermometry to promote TEMPMEKO and encourage participation from all over the world.

After the last TEMPMEKO 2013, held on the beautiful “Pearl of the Atlantic” – Madeira, we would like to invite you to the charming village located in the heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains – Zakopane. It is a marvelous region with long valleys, 2500 m high summits, endemic flora and fauna, regional architecture and traditional, good food. It is located 100 km south from Kraków (Cracow), the capital of Poland until the XVIth century, with a magnificent Royal Castle and one of the oldest universities in Europe.

The Symposium venue will be at the Hotel Belvedere with a decor referring to 1920s which creates a warm and unique climate for the event. We offer an interesting touristic program to give you an opportunity to see unusual places in the Tatra Mountains, the Salt Mine in Wieliczka or the Royal Castle in Kraków.

I would like to express my personal satisfaction that the organization of the TEMPMEKO 2016 has put the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research in charge of the conference and I believe that all participants of this scientific meeting will be pleased with the research level of the Conference and the social program as well and you take home a lot of pleasant memories. See you in Zakopane in 2016!!


Anna Szmyrka-Grzebyk            
National Organising Committee Chair            

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