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Authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract describing original work that has not been published elsewhere. The abstract template is to be the basis for the submissions. Authors were asked to identify the topic that the presentation addresses and their preference for either an oral or a poster presentation.
The deadline for receipt of abstracts is November 20th, 2015. The TEMPMEKO2016 editors reviewed the abstracts and advised the authors of their acceptance by January 31st, 2016.


Main Topics

Fundamental aspects and standards
• Thermodynamic temperature determinations
• Boltzmann constant determinations
• Temperature scales and interpolation
• The kelvin redefinition and MeP-K
• Fixed points (metal, gas, HTFPs, water TP)

Temperature methods and sensors
• Thermoelectric thermometry (noble, base, self-validating, refractory)
• Resistance thermometry (incl. thermistors)
• Radiation thermometry (incl. blackbodies)
• Practical electrical noise thermometry
• Practical acoustic thermometry
• Nano-thermometry
• Phosphor thermometry
• Other methods and sensors (incl. liquid-in-glass)

Humidity and moisture
• Humidity and moisture standards
• Hygrometers and moisture sensors
• Moisture in materials, including profile and transport
• Humidity at extremes

Thermophysical quantities and standard reference materials
• Thermal diffusivity, resistivity, heat capacity, other quantities
• Emissivity
• Thermal properties of nano/micro materials
• Heat flux sensors
• Interaction of water with other substances

Traceability and dissemination
• Inter-laboratory comparisons
• Calibration procedures
• Uncertainty estimation
• Instrumentation and facilities
• Accreditation
• Software and data processing

Applications of temperature, humidity, moisture and other thermal measurements
• Control and automation
• Dynamic and transient measurements
• Surface temperature measurement
• Gas and flame temperature measurement
• Thermal measurements for energy
• Industrial processing applications
• Medical and biological measurements
• Humidity and moisture applications
• Other applied thermal measurements

Meteorology and climate
• MeteoMet project
• Temperature measurements for climate
• Reference grade observations for climatology
• Thermal Metrology for extreme environment
• Remote sensing/earth observation
• Assuring measurement traceability and quality.

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