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Authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract describing their proposed presentations for the conference. The presentation should describe original work relating to temperature and thermal measurement. The abstract template should be used for all submissions. Authors are asked to identify the topic that the presentation addresses and their preference for either an oral or a poster presentation. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is November 20th, 2015. The TEMPMEKO 2016 International Program Committee will review the abstracts for relevance and quality and advise the authors of the acceptance of the presentation by January 31st, 2016. The abstracts will be placed on Symposium website.

Oral Presentations
Oral presentations will be limited to a total of 20 minutes, including time reserved for questions (2-3 minutes). Laptops and data projectors are the principal presentation tools and will be provided. Presenters are asked to use Microsoft PowerPoint when preparing their talks. Please, check the program for the session of your oral presentation.

Poster Presentations
Posters will be presented in different sessions, so please check the program for the session to which your poster has been assigned. Poster numbers will be placed in the upper left corner of the board, and each poster will be assigned a number in the program to facilitate placement. Please respect the assignments. Authors are expected to be at the poster location during the session to which they have been assigned.

Posters have to occupy a space no larger than A0 format so 84,1 cm (width) by 118,8 cm (height), so please plan accordingly.

Authors who present papers to the conference also have the opportunity to publish their work in the Proceedings of TEMPMEKO 2016, which will appear as Special Issues of the International Journal of Thermophysics. Papers will be peer reviewed to ensure they are of the appropriate technical quality and novelty for publication in a scientific journal. There is a size limit of 3000 words, which corresponds to about 8 to 9 pages in the printed journal. Papers are due June 30, 2016 and will be submitted through the Springer system.

Full papers will be eligible for publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Thermophysics, subject to meeting the required standards. Please note that the deadline for submission of papers to the IJoT Tempmeko 2016 Special Issue is 31 August 2016. Papers must be submitted directly via the IJoT Editorial Manager website ( They will be subject to peer review to ensure that they are of the appropriate quality and interest, and demonstrate a significant scientific or technical advance. Authors should be careful to observe the editorial and other requirements of the journal.


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